Black and white drawing of Steve in front of some windows


Who is Stephen J Cater?

I grew up in a seaside village in England and have loved drawing since I was a child. After high school I studied Fine Art at the University of East Anglia, graduating with a BA (Hons).

Art = Happy Steve

Looking for a bit of adventure after university, I planned to travel around Australia for a year... Long story short, I lived there for 8 years ;)

In 2014, after some interesting years of working in identitity security in Sydney, I discovered the wonders of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and never looked back... A passion for web development had blossomed.

Web Development = Happy Steve

Soon after moving to Canada at the end of 2017, I bought myself an iPad Pro to experiment with digital art. I instantly fell in love with all aspects of it.

Web Development + Digital Art = Happiest Steve


Steve's Resume

For a closer look at my work experience, please see my Resume below.

Steve's Resume